Lab Group

Prospective PhD students

I am always interested in discussing options for potential PhD projects. If you are interested in studying for a PhD in an area that matches my research interests then please email me with your ideas (lucy.cragg -at-

Nottingham has a vibrant developmental research group and excellent facilities for both behavioural research and neuroimaging with children. The deadline for applications to the School of Psychology is usually in January/February therefore please get in touch well in advance of this deadline if possible. More information about doing a PhD in the School can be found here.

Current PhD students

Rebecca Hirst

Rebecca is studying multisensory attention and interference control in healthy development and ageing. She is funded by ESRC and School of Psychology studentships and co-supervised by Harriet Allen.

Jennifer Tellett

Jenny is studying the cognitive and neural mechanisms underpinning attention difficulties in children born preterm compared to those born at full term using behavioural and neuroimaging methods. She is funded by ESRC and School of Psychology studentships and co-supervised by Maddie Groom and Samantha Johnson.

Lab Alumni

Paula Hubber

Paula’s PhD investigated the relationship between working memory skills and mathematics performance in adults. In particular she was interested in how spatial working memory performance differs between mathematicians and non-mathematicians. She was funded by an ESRC studentship linked to the SUM project and was co-supervised by Camilla Gilmore. Paula is now a Research Fellow in the School of Psychology at Nottingham working with Nicola Pitchford.

Sophie Richardson

Sophie was a research assistant working on the SUM project from February 2012 until January 2014. She is currently a Business Readiness Manager at the University of Nottingham.